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 The Benedictine Social Centre, Glenluce Drive, Southfield Green,
CRAMLINGTON, Northumberland, NE23 6YA

Contact: Keith Taylor  01670 715106

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Eric Sharp

Eric arrived in 2011 from a land somewhere south of the Tyne. He discovered at the age of fourteen that he liked the guitar better than the piano, and since then guitars have tended to follow him home.

He sings traditional and contemporary songs, and writes his own when the muse takes him. He has been known to play a bit of fiddle, and will perform at the drop of the proverbial fedora.

Club Quotes

“Multi -instrumentalist with a wide diversity of material. Expect the unexpected. Some great original material combined with his own interpretation of other folk songs. In the words of a recently written anthem .....his songs so reflective are very effective..."

“Eric has a lovely tenor voice. Nice guitar player. Also plays a bit of fiddle.”

“Great singing, great playing, and writes interesting songs - some poignant, some quirky, and often has a twinkle of mischief in his eye”

“Eric is a fine singer songwriter with an original approach to the craft”

“He is the only man I know that can write a song about a shirt and to cap it all he can also play a mean fiddle.”

Cramlington Folk Club - Eric Cramlington Folk Club - Eric