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 The Benedictine Social Centre, Glenluce Drive, Southfield Green,
CRAMLINGTON, Northumberland, NE23 6YA

Contact: Keith Taylor  01670 715106

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Noel Common

Noel bought a guitar during the Skiffle era but only ever learnt 3 chords.

He taught himself to play a few Classical tunes in the 80’s but could still only strum to the 3 chords. He met Peter Meek when the regulars played at a charity event in 2013. Peter persuaded him to come to the Club and he was hooked by the diversity of the music and the performers. He learnt 3 more chords and he stepped onto the stage a year and a half later, (like a frightened rabbit). He became more confident though thanks to the encouragement and advice from the regulars.

He likes to play anything popular through the ages; comic, serious or otherwise.

The week isn’t complete without Tuesday’s at the Folkclub.

Cub quotes

“Always nice to see Noel’s cheery face on stage. Chooses some very interesting songs too!”

“Marvellous deep voice. Lovely character sometimes joined by his wife, Jean, on train whistle - very effective and good fun when he wears his Elvis wig!”

“Quirky - you never know what’s coming. Quite a range of songs. A great asset to the club.”

“Tries very hard and you never know what type of song he may come up with. Happy, friendly personality.”

“An asset to the club. Always smiling, always willing. Enjoys his singing and so does his audience!”

“A newcomer to performing, Noel has now overcome his nerves and puts his own individual stamp on a wide variety of songs.”

“What can you say about Noel. He always comes up with different songs and the Cramlington Choir all join in.”

“Noel can be relied on to pick some lovely songs.”

“When Noel started coming to the club he sat in the audience. He brought his guitar one night and has been a regular ever since. His confidence has grown over the last two years. A nice man.”

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