Cramlington Folk Club
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 The Benedictine Social Centre, Glenluce Drive, Southfield Green,
CRAMLINGTON, Northumberland, NE23 6YA

Contact: Keith Taylor  01670 715106

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Guest Artist Booking

CRAMLINGTON FOLK CLUB prefers to have initial contact by email or post rather than by telephone.

Where possible we prefer to deal directly with artistes. We are a small, weekly club, and run alternate guest and singers nights. We do not book guests in January or August.

Having been running for over 40 years we already have a large list of proven artistes that we draw on but are also keen to support up and coming artistes as well. With the best will in the world we are unable to book everyone we would like, but we do try. We provide PA and much prefer that guests use our PA system. We expect booked artistes to provide publicity material and any contractual agreement as early as possible and inform us of any changes that are needed

Singers Nights
Please note that the list for floor singers will be closed at 8pm. While we will do our best to accommodate all singers/musicians   there will be no guarantee that singers/musicians arriving after 8pm will be able to perform

Guest Nights
As is customary in most folk clubs in the UK, support for guests will be provided by one or two resident acts and this is arranged in advance. There will be NO spots available for visiting floor singers on these nights.

Cramlington Folk Club