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 The Benedictine Social Centre, Glenluce Drive, Southfield Green,
CRAMLINGTON, Northumberland, NE23 6YA

Contact: Keith Taylor  01670 715106

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Steve Scotland

Steve loves musical instruments. And his collection cost more money than his first house. He believes that the exact amount of guitars you need is “one more than you currently own”. His greatest fear is that when he dies his wife will sell his musical instrument collection for the trivial amount he told her it cost.

He tries to deliver songs which audiences enjoy. Whether they’re happy or sad. The songs he most enjoys doing are from the Tyneside music hall era and of the great folk singer songwriters of the 60’s & 70’s.

Club quotes

“Good to hear a Geordie accent on the local songs. Where are all the banjo players coming from?”

“Does a great mixture of songs including Geordie songs with the proper accent. A particular favourite is about ‘Banjo’ the horse... and he plays one too... banjo, not horse! One of the most polite people at the folk club.”

“Like his banjo picking styles and his traditional Geordie and Northumbrian songs. You can see he really enjoys playing as much as we enjoy listening to him.”

“Good choice of songs, great voice and a warm manner.”

“Good asset to the club. Clear and melodic singing voice with a varied repertoire.”

“Has made himself at home in the club and seems as if he has always been there. A good entertainer.”

“A good, strong voice, nice confident stage presence. Steve plays two instruments well, but unfortunately one of them is a banjo.”

“A breath of fresh air. Steve enjoys his music and loves being involved with his audience. Getting better every week.”

“Welcome addition to the club with all his traditional songs.”

“One of the most recent members of the club. Plays banjo and guitar. Has a good selection of traditional and contemporary songs. A fun guy to be around.”

Cramlington Folk Club Cramlington Folk Club Cramlington Folk Club Cramlington Folk Club Cramlington Folk Club


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